Jan 25. by Shirtum

Don’t relive the story, be part of it.

Shirtum’s mission has always been focused on providing the best way to connect fans with their preferred athletes, taking a step further to the current proposal of collecting. So far this relationship has been focused on football, a sport that has given us and will continue to give us unforgettable moments and experiences.

However, it is time to introduce an innovative NFT concept in Shirtum while opening the doors to new sports in order to bring more fans closer to their favorite athletes. We have the great pleasure to announce that Sergio MARAVILLA Martinez introduces BOXING to Shirtum, an intense sport of perseverance and commitment.

The opening of Shirtum to new sports will allow us to keep reinventing ourselves and enter a new era with a different NFT format. For the first time in history, Shirtum launches an innovative NFT concept where you won’t relive the story. You will be a part of it.

The big difference with this NFT format is that your preferred athlete will not tell you how he felt in a big moment of his career, instead you will see how he feels in that great moment, so you will accompany him in his adventures. From the preparation, to the event until the aftermath.

In this case we have the privilege of having special coverage of the big fight MARAVILLA has this next Thursday 27th of January in Madrid. Having the opportunity to attend MARAVILLA’s next fight on Thursday, the NFT will be created live, experiencing the moment at the same time as the athlete. We will go from reliving the stories told by the great champions to being part of them.

MARAVILLA is an Argentinian professional boxer, who became middleweight world champion and was also considered the third pound-for-pound boxer in the world. He has repeatedly been named boxer of the year by The Ring, WBC and Sports Illustrated. To date, he has won 52 of his 57 fights, and after several years of retirement, he is back in the ring to regain the world title.

Boxing is just the beginning of a brilliant future ahead for Shirtum, through the #ShirtumStars campaign, sooner than you expect we will be unveiling more sports and athletes that will bring us stories that have never been heard before.

This new NFT format will allow fans and athletes to experience a different kind of relationship and add more and more value to the current collection proposition.

Are you ready to watch a live battle become an NFT?