All You Need To Know | Ronaldinho Collection NFT

Mar 18. by Shirtum

The Official Ronaldinho NFT Collection

The Ronaldinho NFT collection will be available to mint starting on March 28th on the official Shirtum website.

In this medium, we will share all the necessary information you need to participate in the upcoming Ronaldinho drop. The Ronaldinho Collection pays tribute to the career of the Brazilian superstar through a series of up to 10,010 generative artistic avatars (aka Dinhos), embodying the most iconic moments of his professional career.

By owning a Dinho you will have access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive utilities (this is just a selection of utilities you can expect, there will be many surprises along the way):

– Ronaldinho’s exclusive channel on Discord
– Live stream with Ronaldinho (AMA)
– Airdrop of cinematic NFTs: get your hands on the Brazilian superstar untold stories
– Shirtum x R10 Swag: exclusive merchandise from the collection
– Raffle of items signed by Ronaldinho
– Opportunity to meet Ronaldinho in person
– 22 lucky holders will play a game with Ronaldinho
– 3D Avatar Airdrop: transform your NFT for the metaverse
– Metaverse items for your 3D avatar
– Launch of Shirtum’s virtual world

Greenlist (GL)

Total spots: 1100 spots

Mint date: March 28th

This is the most exclusive list which grants priority to the NFT drops and the spots are divided in the following way:

1000 spots allocated directly to the top 1000 SHI holders (on both BSC & ETH)*

100 spots allocated to our partners (athletes, partnerships, etc.)

The top 1000 SHI holders by SHI balance get direct access to the Greenlist and are eligible to:

– Mint up to 5 NFTs per wallet

– Receive a discount to mint their Dinho NFTs

* If you have SHI in the same wallet address on both BSC and ETH, we will add up both balances to determine your final ranking

Whitelist (WL)

This Whitelist has a total of 3300 spots and minting will be open from March 29th until March 30th.

There are multiple ways to secure a Whitelist spot:

– Be between the top #1001 and #2001 ranked SHI holders by balance

– 2000 WL spots will be allocated to members who complete the following steps: join our Discord Server, reach level 10 on Discord, invite 5 friends to our server and follow our Twitter & Instagram pages. Finally, submit your wallet address in the #share-wallet Discord channel (it must be the same address you will use to mint the NFT on Ethereum).

– The remaining 300 spots will be allocated to different raffles held on our social media pages and on other influencer profiles with whom we collaborate with. Some spots will also be allocated to the Discord challenges and quizzes, so don’t miss out.

Members who secure a WL spot will be eligible to:

– Mint up to 3 NFTs per wallet

– Receive a discount to mint their Dinho NFTs

Tutorial on how to buy SHI

There is still time left to access these spots and secure lots of perks that go with them! Enter our Discord and discover our exciting sports ecosystem with a passionate community of NFT and sports fans.

If you don’t get a chance to secure a priority spot, you could always mint your Dinho in the public sale on March 31st, that is if there are any left (yes, there is a possibility that no Dinhos will be left for public mint).

The final reveal of the NFTs will take place on April 4th and you will discover which Dinho you minted.

This is the first collection of the year. That means that the SHI, will become more and more valuable through time. So, you have a unique opportunity to get your hands on the SHIs you will need for the future Whitelists and Greenlists of the upcoming NFTs of the world’s top athletes and clubs.

Forewarned is forearmed 😉