Jan 28. by Shirtum

Don’t relive the story, be part of it.

Imagine you could connect with Sergio MARAVILLA and join him on his journey to become champ again. From the moment he signs the contract, to his training camp, weigh-ins, the fight, the aftermath… experiencing from first hand what a professional boxer goes through in a specific moment of his career… all of this will be possible with Shirtum.

What you’ve been seeing these days on our Social Media is a sneak-peek of the kind of filmic content you will be able to find in our upcoming Discord server, with all Shirtum’s athletes. It will revolutionize how sports are lived. And that is not the only thing you will be able to enjoy over there, everything will be revealed very soon!

A Discord server where the possibilities will be endless is already being built, we ask for a little more patience, as we are certain this will be a game-changer. For now, we will let your imagination flow… a few ideas… could you imagine chatting in a private room with RONALDINHO? Or having PAPU GÓMEZ send you an exclusive video of himself and MESSI in a training session for Argentina? Infinite possibilities…

The content showed what our newest athlete, MARAVILLA, goes through during fight day. On Wednesday we started with a behind-the-scenes of what weigh-in day looks like. Yesterday we are attended the event in WiZink Center, Madrid and had full coverage of his fight.

Our NFTs will CONNECT you, the fan, with your favorite athletes and clubs in a way never seen before. Imagine all the endless possibilities you would have as a fan and as a Shirtum member, to experience and connect with your favorite athletes and teams in ways that you couldn’t even imagine.

We are very excited for what’s to come, stay tuned.

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Sergio “Maravilla” Martínez | Former WBC super-welterweight champion