Mar 11. by Shirtum

In view of the current situation that the world is going through, Shirtum, as an international company, wants to once again boost its commitment to society after witnessing in the last few weeks the exaggerated increase in the number of refugees caused by the war conflict.

Under our vision of constant innovation with a view to the future, we feel it is our duty to link our current product technology with the support of the victims of this conflict.

In this regard, from the creative side of our team we want to present the NFT collection ‘Play for Peace. A Charity NFT Collection’, where we seek to promote, under our artistic vision, a work inspired by putting the values of sport before any war. In order to convey this message, the NFT depicts (through video format) a transformation of various elements of war into elements of sport. Furthermore, the NFT is made up of different colors inspired by several universal values such as peace, love, solidarity, union, hope, respect, generosity, empathy, equality, and freedom.

This collection of 100 NFTs starring the sports that make up Shirtum, seeks to connect athletes and sports lovers through a strong message of peace. The aim is to collect as much revenue as possible in order to donate the 100% of proceeds to different charitable causes in support of the refugees affected by the conflict.

Hence, we have partnered with Endaoment, a community foundation and public charity built on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows individuals and enterprises to donate digital assets to any of the millions of NGOs they collaborate with. Out of all these NGOs, we have decided that the revenue generated from the drop will go to the International Committee of the Red Cross in support of Ukraine.

Any user who wants to be part of the campaign ‘Play for Peace. A Charity NFT Collection’ will be able to donate through the drop’s official website (TBA) at a price of 0.3 ETH next Thursday, March 17th and Friday, March 18th.


It is important to clarify that the profits of the NFT obtained in the secondary market (which will be available on OpenSea) will also be destined to this charitable cause. In other words, when a user sells this NFT on the secondary market, the profit generated will also go to the organizations mentioned in this medium.

We have no doubt that the power of the Shirtum community is immense. We are convinced that with your support we can contribute our bit and help in one way or another to all the people who are suffering from this unfair situation. And by support we are not only referring to financial support, but also to other actions, such as the diffusion of this campaign.

We can all join this cause; sports unite in a symbol for peace.