Feb 17. by Shirtum

Dear community,

As stated on our Whitepaper, our technology has always been ready to reach out to new markets and now it is finally time to take the first leap into the Ethereum network.

We believe we have to be where the NFT market is. Ethereum is the most widely used Blockchain, with an average of one million transactions per day. Not only is it the most widely used blockchain, but it also managed to move the highest trading volume of NFTs, with over $20 billion traded in 2021 alone.

As you know, very important milestones have been achieved in the Ethereum NFT space, starting with the Crypto Punks in 2017 and constantly developing with hundreds of other projects creating new concepts of digital collecting with NFTs. Some of these collectibles have gone on to sell for millions of dollars, thus attracting investors and collectors from all around the world.

Shirtum as a project aims to be where the leaders are, and we feel that Ethereum is the right place to take the first step forward and show the NFT world that Shirtum has a lot to offer. Relying on marketplaces like OpenSea, LooksRare or Rarible, we are aiming to create an attractive secondary market for our entire community and many more participants who are already actively buying and trading NFTs on Ethereum.

Our beloved SHI token will also be positively impacted by this important move because we are introducing a unique concept to our whitelist which will heavily rely on our SHI token. We will also be creating a liquidity pool in Uniswap in the coming weeks. As soon as the liquidity is set up, we will inform you.

This does not mean that we will forget about our BSC holders. On the contrary, holders will be able to hodl them on BSC because liquidity on Pancakeswap has been locked for 3 years. Alternatively, they will be able to bridge them to the ERC-20 network via a bridge that we will announce in the coming weeks! We are working to make the transition as smooth and secure as possible for all SHI holders who wish to move their tokens to the Ethereum network.

Same thing goes for the NFTs. The current technology doesn’t allow us to export NFTs to the user’s wallet because Shirtum has been working on a private layer 2. For this reason, NFTs must be prepared to be exported to the mainnet and in the coming weeks we will be announcing all the details regarding this topic.

The fact that the NFTs will be on the mainnet and on the Ethereum network, will give the secondary market many more opportunities to develop exponentially, thus taking advantage of all the marketplaces and volume that the ERC-20 network has to offer. Our holders will have the freedom to move their NFTs to any marketplace they choose in order to get the most out of them and Shirtum as a project will receive much more awareness in the NFT space once our own NFTs begin to appear in these markets.

Decentralization should be the cornerstone of any crypto project and Shirtum is one of them, so all Shirtum NFTs minted from now on will be exportable and available in a Web3 compatible wallet such as Metamask.

Landing on the Ethereum network deserves an important event: the first NFT drop of one of our Brazilian superstars, which will attract the attention of the Ethereum and NFT communities alike to give Shirtum the best possible entrance into the big leagues. This NFT drop will increase the value of the project and of our SHI token. Get ready to find out when it will happen and how our token will be the KEY to this whole journey.

We know that you will have many questions regarding this expansion, which is why Pablo Bataller, our Crypto Marketing Officer, will host an AMA on Friday, February 18th, to clarify all your doubts.

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Lots of exciting news coming soon. Stay tuned!