Feb 24. by Shirtum

Shirtum’s new Staking Plan

The update of our Tokenomics V2 has enabled us to offer a more attractive and sustainable staking program that will allow our holders to generate much bigger rewards just by locking their tokens for a certain period of time, whilst potentially securing a Greenlist or Whitelist spot for our upcoming NFT drops.

Our new staking plan will be the only door to access the guaranteed-minting lists, where holders strive to achieve preferential access to the NFT drops.

The GL & WL spots destined to each NFT drop will vary according to the supply of each collection, and will provide opportunities to all holders to secure a spot through a fair, transparent and democratic mechanism.

Regarding the upcoming Ronaldinho Collection drop, as already mentioned in the Whitelist Criteria Medium, it will not be necessary to have your SHI in our new staking as the pool is not set up yet.

Therefore, we will snapshot the balance per wallet of each user on the ERC20 Network. Please note that once the new pool is fully operational, it will be a prerequisite to have SHI staked in order to obtain the possibility of securing a spot in future guaranteed-minting lists.

The new staking plan will apply locking periods to each of the staking pools; each lockup period will be associated with a different APR percentage:

– Rookie Tier (3-month lock period): 16% Estimated APR

– Elite Tier (6-month lock period): 24% Estimated APR

– Legend Tier (12-month lock period): 32% Estimated APR

Keep in mind that these APRs will be secured for initial stakers and have been calculated based on the new V2 Tokenomics shared below:

Once holders stake their tokens, they will receive the agreed-upon rewards at the moment they stake, even if the APR changes over time. This is done to reward the early stakers and to help them win positions towards the Greenlist and Whitelist spots.

Therefore, the main difference between common staking plans and Shirtum’s Staking Plan is that we have decided to give these rewards upfront and focus on the NFT access (you know, SHI is the Key).

This means that the total rewards will be based on the lockup period chosen by the user and will be added to their balance of SHI staked, thus increasing the holder’s ranking and boosting his or her chances to enter the WLs & GLs and secure a guaranteed-minting spot.

This mechanism rewards holders who stake their tokens for longer periods of time. It is important to note that whilst the rewards will be accounted for upfront, they will also be locked for the duration of the staking plan chosen.

As the NFT drops continue to take place, you can always keep buying more SHI and staking it to increase the chances of securing your spot in the WL & GL.

The Smart Contract will calculate the APR of the total amount of SHI that you are going to stake and will give you the front paid rewards of your latest deposit. Then, it will add up to the staked balance and that will be your total. In other words, this would be the result;

SHIs in stake of each deposit + the APR for each deposit =
Total balance of SHIs and rank (#x).

We know that in the last few days we have announced many significant changes, all of them with the intention of improving and becoming a leading company in the space of sports NFTs.

We also want to become increasingly decentralized and reward our most loyal holders. We have expanded to a network where NFTs are mainstream; we have created different types of NFTs (the first of which is one of the most famous faces of football in avatar format); our Tokenomics are now more decentralized and our staking plan is designed to keep our community happy at all times, not only because of the exclusive access to buy NFTs but also because they will be receiving hefty rewards in SHI.

We have no doubt that if Shirtum’s NFTs are attractive and people want to buy them, our beloved SHI token will be a critical piece of the equation and our holders will be able to benefit from it.

As usual, all your questions will be clarified in our next AMA, which will be hosted by Pablo Bataller (Crypto Marketing Officer) and Marlon Brando (Blockchain Community Manager) on Friday, February 25th in our Discord Server.

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