Mar 02. by Shirtum

The new NFT Cashflow Distribution

Dear community,

In the last few days we have shared with you a lot of game-changing news such as our expansion to the Ethereum network, with the opening to new markets, the new Staking Plan, or the way we are going to manage our GreenList and Whitelist spots. Now, the time has come to introduce our new Cash Flow Strategy to you.

As you know, every step we take at Shirtum goes in line with our goal of carrying out a sustainable project in the long term. Thereby, we have created a Cash Flow Strategy regarding the revenue obtained from each NFT drop with the aim of generating more value to the entire ecosystem.

Out of the 100% of the revenue obtained from each drop, a series of percentages will be used to feed the ecosystem and reward our holders:

– Up to 5% will be allocated to purchase NFTs in the primary market (in each of our drops). The Shirtum Team will hold these NFTs over a minimum lock-in period of 6 months. We strongly believe that our NFTs will be extremely valuable in the coming months, which is the reason why we will keep to ourselves the option to purchase up to 5% of the total supply. Just to clarify this point, the team will not know at any time which NFTs will be minted and will not have any privileges to access the minting. We will also share the wallet address where you’ll be able to see which NFTs Shirtum is holding and even the Open Sea Profile.

– Another 5% will be allocated to our Buy-back & Burn Strategy. The Shirtum team will buy SHI at market price (with the ETH of the total revenue obtained during the minting), and will burn it. As a consequence, the total supply will be reduced considerably over time, meaning the value of our SHI token will increase.

– Lastly, another 5% will be allocated to the Community Rewards Wallet. Shirtum will send from the Treasury Wallet 5% (in SHI) of the total revenue obtained during the minting. In this way, the APR generated in our Staking will be constant and sustainable in the long term, thus enabling us to continue offering really attractive rewards to our holders.

With this CashFlow Distribution Strategy we are taking another step towards building a healthy ecosystem in which holders & collectors generate rewards at different levels; for being SHI holders, for minting NFTs, or for taking an active role in our community by participating in giveaways and experiences with our athletes and clubs, among many others.

The percentages explained above will apply to all the drops that Shirtum will launch in the coming months. Our long-term vision has not changed and we continue to work day by day to become the benchmark in sports NFTs; the ecosystem where users have the possibility to connect with their favorite athletes and clubs in an unprecedented manner.