Mar 15. by Shirtum

David Rozencwaig (Shirtum CEO) & Ronaldinho

Sports are all about connection: the sport you play, the club you support and the athletes you admire are so embedded in your personality and they define who you are. For myself, being a die-hard supporter of San Lorenzo automatically brotherhoods me with their community: we have suffered and cheered together, we even share values and a way of living.

This is the kind of bonding we want to bring to the digital world through NFTs: NFTs are the means, but the goal is true connection. I have been out of Buenos Aires for some years now, but my heart still belongs to the district of Boedo. I was born and raised there, and consider that my home. After being a fan of San Lorenzo since my first memories, these last years I haven’t been able to attend many games since, but the feeling doesn’t disappear. Having the San Lorenzo membership card in my wallet still makes me feel part of something bigger, something that words can’t describe.

There are millions of people like myself: they want to feel part of the career of their favorite athlete, they want to feel close to their teams. But they don’t have physical access to their sports idols. I love Tennis but I have never been able to attend a Wimbledon match. I’m a huge fan of Pumas but never visited their museum.

We, at Shirtum, solve this: we’re giving millions of people a true connection to sport through Digital Assets. We digitalize the memorabilia, the history, the careers, of the best clubs and athletes in the world through NFTs. By owning a Shirtum NFT you automatically become part of a community of sport lovers with a real connection to athletes and sport teams.

Lots of NFTs projects base their hype on community building and a grandiloquent roadmap, all pushing for short term economic upside. That’s not our case: we exist to give the sport community (billions of people) the tools to experience sport like never before. We partner with personalities and organizations with an already existing fan base and they provide us with true utility for their NFT holders.

Our vision is a Collect to Experience (C2E) NFT ecosystem, where by collecting sport memorabilia in the form of NFTs you can experience sport like never before within a gated and exclusive community. An example of this vision? We have closed agreements with clubs where the ownership of their NFTs grant access to VIP boxes in the stadium, traveling with the team, meeting with the stars or even playing on their pitch. And you can already imagine the kind of opportunities that the Metaverse will bring to the table. Holding a Shirtum NFT will become the superior form of sports fandom.

Behind the scenes of Ronaldinho’s interview (2/2)

Who doesn’t want to have the most premium and exclusive sports experience in the world? We’ll always underpromise and overdeliver in terms of value for our holders.

If you want to be part of the future of sports, we are doing our first drop in Ethereum with the one and only Ronaldinho. With his NFTs you’ll have access to the legend himself in all formats: IRL, merchandising, online and the Metaverse.

David Rozencwaig