the change
A Jennifer Hermoso & Tiane Endler
NFT Collection

May 19. by Shirtum

A NFT Collection By Shirtum

This week a historic football match is taking place in Turin, Italy. On the 21st of May, FC Barcelona will clash against Olympique Lyonnais in the final of the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Two of our Stars, Jenni Hermoso (FC Barcelona) and Tiane Endler (OL) will be playing their hearts out on this memorable evening, trying to bring the prestigious trophy back home.

At Shirtum, we’ve planned a very limited and special NFT drop to commemorate such a remarkable event. We introduce to you “The Change”, a unique NFT drop that will only be redeemed by those who predict the result of the match correctly. Yes, you heard it right, we’ll be airdropping the commemorative NFT to those who guess the exact result of the game!

We wanted to make participating in this event very easy and accessible for everyone, that’s why we’ve created “the-changechannel inside our Discord server. In this channel, you will find a Google Forms where you will be able to send your prediction of the final result of the game (1 result x wallet) but the main purpose of this channel will be for fans to engage with other fans around the world and talk about women’s football in general, thus bringing focus on this growing sport category.

This NFT will be limited, as we mentioned only those who guess the correct result will receive it, totally for free. But this does not end here, those who receive this special NFT will have advantages for upcoming drops from both our stars Jenni and Tiane. And who knows, maybe we throw in a couple more surprises along the way!

“The Change” is more than a NFT collection, it crosses the boundaries that were once set in the sport, and sheds light to the rise of women’s football, which this year alone has broken so many records and disrupted all standards.

A change of shirts.

A change of mindset.

A change of opportunities.

A change of history.

Are you ready to be part of the change?