Feb 22. by Shirtum

How to secure a guaranteed minting spot for the Ronaldinho Collection NFT.

One of the biggest pain points in NFT projects is the clarity behind the Whitelist criteria.

At Shirtum we’ll make it simple: SHI is the key. As innovators in the NFT sports space while having our own token, we have designed several ways to get guaranteed access to the minting of the Ronaldinho Collection.

SHI is the key that gives access to the Shirtum ecosystem: hold SHI to win NFT presale spots, among with many other benefits.

Your SHI balance determines your ranking among the holders, which will define your eligibility for a spot in the Greenlist or Whitelist.

This competitive and transparent ranking sets clear rules to secure presale spots on Shirtum’s NFT drops. Once the snapshot for this presale has been taken, the SHI tokens will need to be staked on our new staking plan (that will be announced very soon) for them to count towards the future entry into one of the Guaranteed Minting Lists: either the Greenlist or the Whitelist.

This SHI ranking mechanism increases the buying pressure on SHI, at the same time that reduces the selling pressure: as our NFTs gain more exposure and appreciation on the market, new holders will need to jump in to secure a minting spot that allows them to profit from the secondary market.

Holders who jump in later are likely to pay a higher price to load up on SHI, making it increasingly expensive to access our drops in the future and, thus, more interesting to stock up on SHI while the token price is more accessible.

We have always wanted to reward our community, and the biggest holders should have the opportunity to make the most of our NFT drops. That’s why Shirtum, on top of the regular Whitelist, launches a new concept called “Greenlist”, an exclusive list for our most loyal SHI holders.

This list grants guaranteed access to our drops for top SHI holders. The spots in the Greenlist will vary according to the NFT supply of each collection, but in Ronaldinho’s drop we will allocate 1,000 spots to the Greenlist for the top 1000 SHI holders (excluding our smart contracts and treasury wallets). Full details and conditions are explained below.

In conclusion, those who want to participate in the upcoming NFT drops will need to acquire SHI to gain direct access to guaranteed-minting lists (GML) Whitelist or Greenlist spots. Making it fair and transparent to win presale NFT spots while every holder of SHI will see how the price rises, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone.

The conditions to win a guaranteed-minting spot for Ronaldinho’s drop are the following:

GreenList: 1100 spots | 1000 top SHI holders per balance + 100 (for players, partners and collaborations). First access, max NFT allocation per wallet = 3

Whitelist: 3300 spots | 1001–2000 top SHI holders per balance + 2000 more spots for Grinders (5 invites discord, reach level 10 on Discord, follow our Twitter & Instagram and complete the Google Form) + 300 spots for community marketing (giveaways, amplify, contests, quizzes, raffles, etc.). Second access, max NFT allocation per wallet = 2. The weight of SHI holders vs Grinders on the whitelist will increase in the future, making SHI increasingly important in the long run.

The 100 NFTs remaining will be minted by the Shirtum team to hold for the long term, with a minimum commitment of 6 months, as a statement to our belief in the long-term value and appreciation of our sports collectibles. We will publicly share the wallet for transparency purposes, so our community can check it over time.

You should have a minimum of 2500 SHI in an ERC-20 compatible wallet (once liquidity is set on Uniswap) to participate in the ranking for a guaranteed spot in the lists.

All unsold NFTs will be available for the public sale. To prevent gas wars, we will be communicating soon if it will be structured as a public raffle or if we offer them on a FCFS basis.