Abr 12. by Shirtum

Dear community, we have big news for all of you!

Starting with Dinho Holders:
It has been less than two weeks since 2224 Dinhos were minted from the first official Ronaldinho NFT collection by Shirtum. Now, an exciting journey of unique experiences for all owners of these NFTs has started. Those experiences include the already mentioned utilities in the roadmap as well as many other surprises that we have kept for ourselves, and that you will be discovering gradually, starting today.

As you know, one of the utilities mentioned in our roadmap is to activate different airdrops for our Dinho holders. The first airdrop comes by the hand of an Argentinean football legend who shared field and locker room with Ronaldinho and who has also supported him during the drop of his NFT collection. Can you guess who he is?

During the Shirtum Avant Premiere (which took place in September 2021), a series of filmic NFTs of our founding players were launched, in which each of our players narrated in first person the most remarkable moments of their careers. The first to inaugurate this collection of NFTs was the great Javier Saviola, aka «El Conejo».

A few days ago, Saviola visited our offices to mint his Dinhos, and we came up with the idea of doing something special, as the occasion deserved it. Saviola wanted to surprise the Dinho holders, thus we decided to make an airdrop of a series of 100 unique NFTs raffled among the owners of the most «culé» minted Dinhos of the Ronaldinho Collection, representing the time that both of them spent at Futbol Club Barcelona.

In this way, those who own a Dinho with a Barça shirt will be eligible to win one of these 100 NFTs from the «Saviola and Ronaldinho’’ duo collection. Those lucky enough to win the giveaway, will have the opportunity to mint this exclusive NFT, only assuming the costs of the gas fees.

After this first airdrop that Saviola wants to give to the Dinho Holders, a second airdrop of the cinematic type NFTs (already mentioned in the roadmap) will take place, in which Ronaldinho himself shares exclusive untold stories about how he felt when he won the Golden Ball, the Champions League or the World Cup, among others.


That’s not all! All members of the Shirtum community who have participated in the Avant Premiere (i.e. bought an NFT of any of our 10 founding players and/or Galatasaray) and who are currently still owners of these NFTs, will be rewarded in the near future with an airdrop related to their NFT that will be minted on the Ethereum network.

This is just the beginning of the many incredible utilities that are yet to come and that will add up to those that have already been checked off the list, such as the opening of an exclusive discord channel for our Dinho holders or the live AMA with Ronaldinho himself which took place last week.

Once again, the Shirtum Team wants to thank you all for the trust you have placed in us and your unconditional support since the very beginning. You, our community, are the core piece of this project whose mission is to allow you to experience a new way of living sports.

We continue to grow and to take steps forward towards our vision of becoming the benchmark for sports NFTs. Ready for what’s to come?